blinkie things // roller derby // film photography

About Me

Hi, I'm sen!

I design and build blinkie art projects that survive extreme conditions, physical status displays which make the invisible visible, and other electronics to create simplicity, fun, and prettyness. I also take and process photos using traditional film processes and skate around in circles, sometimes for hours at a time.

What I Do

What I Do

Film Photography

I enjoy film photography and traditional darkroom processes, mostly colour medium format.


I design and build electronics to drive blinkie things, status displays, and other random things.

Blinkie Things

I create environmentally hardened blinkie art projects.

Roller Derby

I play roller derby with Toronto Roller Derby's Vipers, and build derby-related apps and electronics.


Twitter: sarahemm

GitHub: sarahemm

SmugMug: s-e-n

Wiki: hackstrich